Welcome to the Volunteer section of our website

We are continually looking for new volunteers to join our expanding and enthusiastic team. We have a brilliant team but the challenges of running such a beautiful and complex museum mean we always need to add to the skills we have available to us and to share the burden amongst more people. The only qualifications you require are an interest in history and an interest in being part of the team making this wonderful resource successful. Whilst a knowledge of the Tarbat Discovery Centre is useful its definitely not essential as we have a training programme and you would be working with an experienced volunteer.

Times that suit you

Any time you have available will be useful to us and if you prefer to commit to a specific morning or afternoon we will do our best to accommodate your requirements. Please refer to Visitor Information Page for current opening hours.

Enjoyable and rewarding

Volunteering is demanding but if you enjoy meeting new people from visitors to professionals, in our field of work, whilst working in a proactive environment, you will find our centre really rewarding. Please don’t feel that you need to have specific skills, for instance up to date IT knowledge, as there will be a role for you here whatever your comfort zone.

Over the last 2 years we have had 3 social get-togethers for volunteers (and trustees) with 20 - 30 people attending a lovely meal at the Shandwick Inn. It’s so worthwhile when you hear the feedback about the centre from visitors from all over the world. If you know the area and are keen on promoting where we live you are also more than welcome to persuade visitors to see other interesting parts of the Tarbat peninsula

Get in touch

This is a very special part of the world and we feel very privileged to be part of a team which plays a part in promoting Easter Ross. So if you feel that you have something to bring to our table and help us move productively forward with the work we do, please get in touch.

If you would like more information please contact our volunteer coordinator Mary Fleming by email on volunteers@tarbat-discovery.co.uk . If you are in Portmahomack feel free to drop in to the Centre any time and have a chat.