Shilpit Bairns and Clashing Swords: bioarchaeological evidence of past lifeways at Portmahomack

A comprehensive study of the Pictish and medieval human remains from Portmahomack have revealed new and important insights into past lifeways of adults and children. Studies on childhood diet and health tend to be under-represented in bioarchaeological scholarship, especially for the Scottish Highlands. Recent research by Dr Curtis-Summers has provided new evidence to investigate the health and well-being of children from medieval Portmahomack. Studies such as this have the potential to challenge traditional assumptions that children are peripheral to our understanding of past lifeways. This talk will present osteological and isotope data, and offer wider interpretations relating to childhood health and well-being in medieval Scotland. In addition, multiple scientific analyses are currently underway on a ‘special burial’ from Portmahomack that will offer new insights on interpersonal violence and unique mortuary practices during the medieval period. Preliminary results will be presented for the first time at this talk along with plans for future research on this important site.

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