Mills of Easter Ross

March 20, 2019

For hundreds and perhaps thousands of years the power of flowing water was used to operate small local mills on the Fearn Peninsula. Often located at farms, these mills were very important features in the local economy. Being local meant that materials could be processed locally in an age where transport over any distance was difficult and expensive. Most of these mills disappeared in the past few generations and some did so even within living memory. Some were simply closed down and some were replaced by steam powered mills.

Some disappeared leaving little or no trace, some leave enigmatic remains visible only to those who know where to look and what to look for, but very occasionally some, like The Old Mill at Fodderty, pictured above, wear their heritage with pride. Whilst not on the peninsula, Golspie Mill is still working and produces organic flour which is sold in local shops.

With the use of old maps and speaking to local farmers Douglas Gordon has produced a guide to the ‘Mills of the Fearn Peninsula’ to record these important features and so that you can explore the Fearn Peninsula and take a look at what remains of our local mills.

Just click on the following link to view or download the Information Booklet by Douglas Gordon.

Mills of Easter Ross (PDF)

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